Internet connection problem (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) – Fix

Since my return from vacation this week, I’ve been having a problem with all my browsers in Windows 7. Chrome and IE would always display an error message whenever I try to connect to a web site.

Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error

I often have to hit the F5 button (refresh) about a million times to get it going. I soon figured out that it was not a browser problem.
I started a ping test and noticed there were some “request timed out” echo messages (1 in 10) but not enough to shoot out the TCP connection reset problem. I also tried reseting both the router and the modem to no avail.
The Fix
So I tried google and soon found out that many people were talking about reinstalling the browsers. I automatically knew search engines would be of no help. It was very obvious that the problem lied in TCP/IP stack. The fact that I was able to boot into Ubuntu and use the Internet without a problem further confirmed this. So, I went into command prompt as administrator and typed the following…
netsh winsock reset
shutdown -r
That command initiated Winsock repair and then restarted Windows (shutdown -r). I’m now surfing again without any interruption.

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  • Brandon

    >You sir are a miracle worker thank you very much for sharing your brain with us the internets thank you with a bag of holding

  • Brandon

    >lol, just used your fix for the internet the internet after Chrome screwed forked for roughly 2 minutes, then tons of those "error boxes from my previously opened tabs and it seemed to happen again any way to keep this bug from happening over and over?

  • Luke E. Babarinde, CISSP

    >Hi Brandon,

    What operating system are you running? Also, could you try and uninstall your antivirus (AV) software? Try that first and then reinstall it if it doesn't change the nature of the problem.

    I have found that due to the ever changing nature of AVs, they are becoming more tightly integrated with TCP stack.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Brandon

    >lol, to clarify on my last post it looked poorly written, chrom worked for 2 minutes then those "Dissmiss/Continue" Error boxes come up them boom goes the internet. I am running Trend Micro AV, it show a network map and it shows me connected to my wireless adapter but that isn't connected to the internet but I know that was the case because my laptop was able to use the internet just fine, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling seems to work, I also changed it from open previous tab for it to just to go to home page.

  • PatatjeNL

    >Thanks! Had some error with my webserver, and this helped me out within 5 minutes. Like Bradon said: " thank you very much for sharing your brain". ;)

  • Luke E. Babarinde, CISSP

    >You are welcome, PatatjeNL.

    Just reading my dialogue with Brandon again and it's amazing how much stress Anti-Virus software can cause us.

  • Anonymous

    >Sir, I also have the same problem with this but it's even worse. I get this message every time I try to search/key in the word 'download' or whenever i try to download something like it's keeping me from downloading.
    Actually, this have been my problem for months. I didn't arrange any appointments to check my PC because I've been busy but that's the case anyway.
    This problem has started since I've installed the Deep Freeze. I've reformatted my PC a LOT OF TIMES but it still won't work. I don't know what's wrong but I'm suspecting that it's
    a virus. My PC can never read or interpret the word 'download' ever since. I hope you can help me with this problem of mine.

  • Fear My Design

    >Hi I read your article on this, but something weird is happening to me, for some reason I can access the internet on my Windows XP with my other user name, but not with the main one I use anymore. I had a virus penetrate my computer, so I logged in Safe Mode as Administrator and ran Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyWare. It finally got rid of the anoying messages by a fake antivirus, but now I can't connect to the internet. But why is it that I can access the internet with another user on the same computer but not with the main one I use all the time? I even created a new user and it works, but that's not the point, I need to fix my user where I have all my settings.

    I have tried: to clear out history, the "netsh winsock reset" command and restarting, windows firewall is off but my ESET is on, I can't run updates because of the internet but its up to date… I find this very weird… please can you help me, I have been trying for 6.5 hours and nothing :-( believe me, I have looked all around, and I am a pretty technical guy… but this one got me!

    Thank you, your blog is great!

    I am getting the following errors on 2 browsers

    On Google Chrome: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
    On IE 8: ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm

  • Fear My Design

    >Ok, I was able to find the answer on another forum but thought I'd come back to post the answer just in case to help somebody else out in the future.

    Someone suggested that I go to IE/options/connections/LAN settings and make sure that "Automatically detect settings" was checked, it wasn't on mine so I checked it but IT DIDN'T WORK…. so I unchecked it but you will see below that there is another option for Proxy Server (which I have no idea what it is) but I "Unchecked" this and BAM! it worked!!…

    I can't believe this took me so long :-(

    Hope this helps someone in the future…


  • Luke E. Babarinde, CISSP

    >HA! I had just responded to your email. Glad you have it working. Funny how the easy things can often drive us crazy, huh?!

    Thank you for sharing the solution.


  • Andrea

    >hey I tried to put in the code, it says "the request operation requires elevation

    but I am the admin, IDK what to do

  • Izlan HoiHoi

    >So, I went into command prompt as administrator and typed the following…

    where i can find this command prompt?.. seriously i not so into this kind of thing, like i know nothing about computer,please help me

  • sbiju

    I tried the “netsh winsock reset” command …
    It did not work. Got the error message “netsh is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch”
    My system runs on XP.
    Niether my IE or Google Chrome is working.
    I also tried clearing my browse history and checked my LAN settings … Nothing worked.
    Would be grateful if you could help.

    • Luke E. Babarinde

      My response is unrelated to why your Netsh command is not working but have you uninstalled security tools from your computer i.e. Anti-virus software, Firewall or anything that could have messed up your winsock?

      Uninstall and reinstall then to start and see if that clears up the issue.

      Try this KB to fix your Netsh issue –

  • chrome problem

    ok that helped, thanks a lot,. i remember same thing happened to me before and a friend suggested the same and it worked, i just forgot